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The Survey Doctor is a 100% free resource that provides assistance to people who want to earn money by taking paid surveys online, including survey lists and a live help ticketing system. We are committed to the belief that you should never pay or buy anything to participate in a survey. Click here to get started.

Did you know you can earn easy money just for giving your opinion? Perfect for stay-at-home moms, students, people who want to pay off bills... and it's FREE.

HOW WE ARE DIFFERENT. We are supported by companies doing online marketing research as a way to help survey-takers navigate the web of surveys. The centerpiece of our service is an email alert system that notifies you of paying survey opportunities as they become available. We also have a free help system that gives you email replies to your survey-related questions. Just click our HELP line and we will respond within 48 hours. We also provide a toolbox, vital links, free survey lists, a knowledge base of frequently asked questions, free software, an article base and more.

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